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Mailferret is designed for your big-screen TV and touch remote, so navigating your mailbox is a breeze.


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answers to commonly asked questions

What attachments can I view?
Mailferret supports viewing of images (JPEGs, PNGs, etc) and PDFs. We will be adding support for more file formats over time.

Can I search for emails within my mailbox?
Yes. Just navigate to the folder you want to search, and enter your search term in the 'Search' box at the top of the message list.

Can I click links within emails?
Unfortunately, no. The Apple TV does not have a web browser, so you're unable to view webpages linked to in your emails.

Can I compose or reply to emails using Mailferret?
Mailferret is currently for reading mail only, however if you are interested in sending email from your TV please let us know.

My email is displayed differently in Mailferret. Why is this?
Apple have expressly forbidden the use of "Web Views" in Apple TV applications. As most modern emails are written as HTML (mini web pages), a Web View would have been the best method for displaying an email. In the absence of this functionality, we convert your emails into a "Rich Text" format. While this allows many (if not most) emails to be displayed well, some may not look as pretty.

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